Last updated: 14 december, 2009 - 13:17 GMT

Are cleaners worth more than bankers?

Men cleaning at the emrgency department of University College Hospial in London

The report says hospital cleaners have more to offer to society

Hospital workers in Britain are of more value to society than bankers, according to a new report by a British think-tank.

The New Economics Foundation says bankers destroy $11 for every $1.50 they create - while hospital cleaning staff create more than $16 for every $1.50 they earn.

The report's authors say they have based their research on a time span of 20 years, looking at the costs and benefits each sector provides for the country.

Eilís Lawlor is one of the authors of the report; she explained to World Update's Roger Hearing how the relative value of bankers versus cleaners was calculated.

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First broadcast 14 December 2009

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