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South African rape crisis

Dumisani Rebombo, a 48-year-old divorced father of three, who over 20 years ago raped a girl, holds a mirror he decorated in his office in Muldersdrift, South Africa

Dumisani Rebombo raped a girl over 20 years ago. He has apologised to his victim and now campaigns against sexual violence

South Africa has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world.

More than 50,000 cases are reported to the police each year, but that is just a fraction of the number of actual assaults against women and increasingly, against lesbian women.

Newshour's Claire Bolderson looks in depth at the problem, hearing from representatives of a support group, a counselling service, a group of young men, a rape victim and a man who committed rape as a teenager who later returned to his victim to apologise.

Some of what you will hear, especially from the men interviewed who have carried out assaults, is quite shocking and the language graphic.

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First broadcast 28 July 2009

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