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1989 memories - Europe’s Revolution

Prague, 1989 Demonstrators on Wenceslas Square

Twenty years ago this year the world changed. The Berlin Wall was torn down, European communist governments collapsed, and the Cold War finally ended.

The stories of that year, at first glance political in nature, were about ordinary people taking extraordinary risks in standing up and demanding change in their governments, in their economies, and in the fundamental nature of their societies. We want you to tell us your personal stories of that era.

Get involved!

  • Were you there? Were your family, friends or colleagues there? Tell that story here.
  • Do you or your family remember those days as a beginning or as an end? Did you seize opportunities, or do you feel you were cast aside?
  • What has happened to you, your family, your friends or your colleagues since 1989? Is your family history since then one of triumph or of nostalgia?

Use the form on the link below to send us your stories, pictures, or interviews - in text, photos, audio of video. We'll publish as many as possible.

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