Last updated: 7 may, 2009 - 11:43 GMT

The plight of Sri Lankan refugees

Tamil Tiger rebels holding out in a tiny sliver of north-east Sri Lanka have accused the government of stepping up heavy weapons attacks on them.

A destroyed truck in Sri Lanka's war zone

Tamil Tigers claim government forces are killing dozens of people every day

They claim the attacks are killing civilians unable to get out of the war zone.

The government says this is just propaganda from the rebels hoping to buy time.

It is impossible to get independent verification of the situation inside the war zone, but tens of thousands of civilians are still believed to be trapped there.

The BBC's correspondent Andrew Hosken has met some who have of those who have managed to escape to a reception centre in Batticaloa.

Displaced Sri Lankan ethnic Tamils are seen near their tents at a transit camp in Vavuniya

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First broadcast 7 May 2009

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