'Love in a Headscarf'

'Love in a Headscarf'

Listen Listen to writer Shelina Zahara Janmohammed (6 mins 34 secs)

Shelina Zahara Janmohammed is perhaps better known as Spirit21, a blogger who has provided a unique perspective on the life of a British Muslim woman over the past three years.

She has tackled issues such as religion, politics and feminism.

Now she is also the author of 'Love in a Headscarf', a book that has been described as hovering somewhere between 'chick-lit' and memoir.

It follows the story of her own arranged marriage and confronts what she says is the popularly held misconception that such unions bypass the desires of the bride and groom.

Shelina Janmohammed came into the Newshour studio to speak to Julian Marshall.

First broadcast 18 February 2009

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