The UK in recession

The UK in recession

This week there were warnings that unemployment in Britain could soon reach 3 million.

Shane, a redcoat, an entertainer at Bognor's Butlins holiday camp

Shane says he has 'the best job in the world' working at Butlins

On Monday, in the latest sign of how the global financial slowdown is hitting Britain, 850 staff at the BMW motor works in central England were told they had been laid off with immediate effect.

However, it is not just large scale manufacturing that is in trouble in this recession, which looks like being the most severe in Britain in decades.

Newshour's Claire Bolderson is spending the week travelling around the country meeting some of the people affected.

Her first report is from Cornwall in the south west of England.

Gladys Ude at her bowling club

90-year old Gladys says she is cutting back on her spending

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Next she travelled along the south coast to Bognor Regis, where she visited a holiday camp run by Butlins.

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On Thursday, Claire visited Essex, where she found out how the older generation are coping in the recession.

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On Friday, she spoke to students in Glasgow about their worries for the future.

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First broadcast 17-19 February 2009

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