Kosovo independence declaration anniversary

Kosovo independence declaration anniversary

Kosovo has been marking the first anniversary of its declaration of independence from Serbia.

An armoured vehicle on the streets of Mitrovica

The situation remains tense between Albanians and Serbs

A Kosovo border sheckpoint

There have been threats to set fire to Kosovo checkpoints

The breakaway was welcomed by Kosovo's ethnic Albanians who make up the majority of the population, but rejected by the Serbs, who are a minority.

It is still vehemently opposed by Belgrade.

The United Nations is no longer in charge.

Instead, it is run by the Kosovo government which is assisted by the largest ever mission deployed by the European Union.

In the past year there has been occasional violence, mainly in the Serb dominated areas like the ethnically divided town of Mitrovica.

The BBC's Helen Fawkes reports from there.

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Arber Vllahiu reports from Kosovo for the BBC's Albanian Service.

He is Kosovar himself and was born in Pristina.

How big a problem is it for the state of Kosovo that a proportion of the population, the Serbs, do not recognise its legitimacy?

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First broadcast 17 February 2009