From Martin Luther King to Barack Obama

From Martin Luther King to Barack Obama

This year Martin Luther King Day is on the eve of the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

Martin Luther King waves to the crowd at the Lincoln Memorial in August 1963

Martin Luther King at the Lincoln Memorial in August 1963

Martin Luther King's sister, Dr Christine King Farris

Dr Christine King Farris on the night of Obama's victory

The day is a national holiday to honour America's most famous civil rights leader who was shot before he had the chance to fulfil his potential.The coincidence is lost on no one that the day after the holiday another African-American will fulfil his aspirations to the highest office.

Barack Obama's inauguration will be part of the realisation of Martin Luther King's dream. Reverend King's sister, Dr Christine King Farris, will be a guest at Tuesday's festivities.

The BBC's Madeleine Morris asked her how she will celebrate Martin Luther King Day this year?

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With two big days, one after the other, the World Today's George Arney spoke to George Curry, editor-in-chief of Emerge magazine, to get a feel for the mood in the capital, Washington:

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A short distance from the White House is an area of Washington called Anacostia. It is a deprived part of the city, where many rely on welfare.

There is a lot of excitement around Barack Obama's inauguration and the BBC's Nina Robinson has been to Anacostia to find out if people there are excited too:

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First broadcast 18 - 19 January 2009

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