What is wisdom?

What is wisdom?

Andrew Wyeth, Dame Judi Dench and Ravi Shankar (Photos: Andrew Zuckerman)

Here is something of a philosophical question for you: "What is wisdom?"

This is what some well-known figures from around the world think.

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The voices there of Billy Connolly, Judi Dench, Chinua Achebe, Ravi Shankkar, Desmond Tutu and Jane Goodall - all with their reflections on what wisdom is.

They were all photographed and interviewed by American photographer, Andrew Zuckerman.

He went around the world in search of wisdom, meeting a total of 50 well-known international figures, all aged 65 or over.

Their words of wisdom, and their photos, are collated in a book he's just brought out, called simply: Wisdom.

George Arney met up with him recently in London and he explained why he had embarked on this project.

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First broadcast 2 January 2009

To visit Andrew Zuckerman's Wisdom website, click here.