Gaza under attack

Gaza under attack

Senior Hamas leader Nizar Rayyan, center, who was killed by an Israeli airstrike

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Thursday 1st January:

One of the most senior members of Hamas has been killed in the sixth day of Israeli air strikes against Gaza. Nizar Rayyan had argued for suicide bombings against Israel.

As the BBC's Julian Marshall heard from Israeli security analyst, Jonathan Spyer, Nizar Rayyan was a leading figure in the military wing of Hamas, the Ezzedine Al Qassam Brigades.

Listen Listen to Jonathan Spyer (3 mins 2 secs)

The conflict has so far claimed the lives of nearly 400 Palestinians and four Israelis, and there has been further Palestinian rocket fire today.

Israel is refusing entry to Gaza for international journalists, so Julian Marshall spoke to Sami Abdel Shafi in Gaza City.

He is a business consultant who returned to Gaza in 2003 after working for many years in Silicon Valley in the United States.

What has it been like where he lives?

Listen Listen to Sami Abdel Shafi (2 mins 22 secs)

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Wednesday 31st December:

Israeli bombardment of Gaza has continued into a fifth day.

Rushdi Abualouf is a BBC producer in Gaza:

Listen Listen to Rushdi Abualouf (2 mins 52 secs)

With hundreds injured, Gaza's hospitals are said to be at breaking point.

Dr Hassan Khalaf is a director at Al-Shifa Hospital:

Listen Listen to Dr Hassan Khalaf (3 mins 22 secs)

Several Palestinian missiles have reached Beersheba, 40 km inside Israel.

Major General Giora Eiland is the former head of Israel's National Security Council.

He spoke to Tom Hagler from the World Today.

Listen Listen to Major Giora Eiland (3 mins 37 secs)

The BBC's Madeleine Morris is in East Jerusalem and has been gauging reaction to events in Gaza:

Listen Listen to Madeleine's report (4 mins 15 secs)

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Tuesday 30 December:

Israeli planes have continued attacking Gaza for a fourth day, with Hamas government buildings and security installations the principal targets.

Palestinian medical officials say the number of those killed since the air strikes began on Saturday has reached at least 360.

Four Israelis have died in that time in Palestinian rocket attacks, including the first soldier.

Dr El Essi works at Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital.

He told Newshour that medical supplies used to treat the injured are running out:

Listen Listen to Dr El Essi (1 min 44 secs)

Richard Faulk is the UN's special rapporteur for human rights in the Palestinian Territories.

He told the World Today that Israel was committing atrocities in Gaza.

Listen Listen to Richard Faulk (2 mins 2 secs)

Isaac Herzog is Welfare Minister in the Knesset and a member of Israel's security council.

He says they are taking the well-being of the civilian population in Gaza into account as they decide what military action to take:

Listen Listen to Isaac Herzog (1 min 13 secs)

Binyamin Netanyahu is the leader of Israel's Likud opposition party. He says he supports the Gaza offensive:

Listen Listen to Binyamin Netanyahu (3 mins 39 secs)

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Monday 29 December:

The Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak says his country is involved in an all-out war to stop Palestinian militants attacking his country from inside the Gaza Strip.

Rushdi Abualouf is a BBC producer in Gaza City:

Listen Listen to Rushdi Abu Aluf (59 secs)

Dr El Essi is the director of medical rehabilitation at Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital:

Listen Listen to Dr El Essi (2 mins 44 secs)

Mark Regev is a spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

He disputes the Palestinian casualty figures:

Listen Listen to Mark Regev (1 min 2 secs)

The World Today's Komla Dumor interviewed a spokesman for Hamas:

Listen Listen to the spokesman (1 min 43 secs)

The World Today's Mark Whitaker spoke to Itay Dayan, an Israeli medical student and Jihad Rustum, an English Literature student in Gaza:

Listen Listen to the discussion (3 mins 58 secs)

Sameh Habeeb runs a blog, "Gaza Strip, the untold story".

From Gaza City he described the recent air attacks to the BBC's Claire Bolderson:

Listen Listen to Sameh Habeeb (3 mins 6 secs)

Sigal Ariely is a mother of three, living in Ashkelon, an Israeli town north of the border with Gaza.

She writes on the "Focus on Ashkelon" blog.

Claire asked her whether the rockets were still falling?

Listen Listen to Sigal Ariely (1 min 57 secs)

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