Space architecture

Space architecture

Refurbishment work on the International Space Station is due to begin this week.

A proposed design for a Tate art gallery in space

Tinero Architects produced a radical design for a space gallery (photo: ETALAB)

Renovations include a new fridge, extra bedrooms and fitness equipment.

But could they have been more architecturally creative?

The World Today challenged one ambitious architect to share her ideas on space station renovation.

In 2002, Danielle Tinero of Tinero architects once submitted proposals for an art gallery destined for deep space.

It hasn't yet been built, but she told Robyn Bresnahan why she was so passionate about outer-worldly architecture:

Listen Listen to Danielle Tinero (3 mins 56 secs)

To see larger images of the proposed space gallery, click here.

Last month, one space tourist took at 12-day trip to the International Space Station. Click here for more details.

First broadcast 11 November 2008