Obama sets out his vision for the future

Obama sets out his vision for the future

Barack Obama's speech to the Democratic Party's convention had been billed as pivotal, a historic moment and the speech of his life.

Barack Obama addressing the Democratic Party Convention

75,000 people listened to Mr Obama's speech in Denver

In the Invesco stadium in Denver, in front of a huge crowd, he accepted his party's nomination to run for President of the United States.

He also tackled head-on some of the key criticisms levelled at him in recent months - particularly, his comparative youth and inexperience.

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Senator Obama went on the offensive with a direct attack on his Republican opponent, John McCain.

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So how did he do? The World Today's Max Pearson asked Laura Schwartz, former White House strategist and first, Clark Judge of the White House Writers Group who wrote speeches for President Ronald Reagan.

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Has Barack Obama done enough to persuade the all-important wavering voters to go for him?

The World Today asked two voters if they were still undecided.

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First broadcast 29 August 2008

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Wednesday: Barack Obama becomes official candidate

Former President Bill Clinton

Mr Clinton said that Mr Obama is ready to become president

With consummate stage-craft, his defeated rival for the nomination, Hillary Clinton, halted a roll call vote - in which each state declares how many votes were cast for each candidate in the primaries - to call for Mr Obama's nomination by voice vote.

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Former President Bill Clinton took to the stage to call for those people who had supported his wife in the primaries to now vote for Mr Obama in November's election.

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Also taking to the stage was Barack Obama's running-mate, Joe Biden. He drummed home his belief in Mr Obama's ability to bring about change.

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Since the opening of this convention, the World Today has been gauging the viewpoint of a panel of women voters on what to make of this event.

Today we have spoken to Katie Reed in Boston, Bonnie Goldsborough in Chicago, and Catherine Hickey in Washington D.C.

To begin with, Katie was asked what she made of Obama's nomination by acclamation.

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Meanwhile, journalists from all over the globe have been in Denver assessing and reporting the convention. Alex Gallafent of The World spoke to them.

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If the Democrats are elected, there will be many foreign policy positions to fill. The World spoke to party delegates about who they hope to see in an Obama administration's foreign policy team.

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You can also see The World's pictures from the Convention here.

First broadcast 28 August 2008

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Tuesday: Hillary Clinton backs Obama

Hillary Clinton

Mrs Clinton's speech was aimed at healing the rift in the party

On Tuesday, it was Hillary Clinton's turn to show her support.

This is seen as a crucial endorsement, following her tough and long drawn out fight against Mr Obama for the right to run for president.

Now, however, she says it is time to work together.

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She moved on to attack Mr Obama's Republican opponent, John McCain.

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The World Today brought together a panel of female voters to hear what they made of it all.

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First broadcast 27 August 2008

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Michelle Obama with her daughters

Michelle Obama's daughters joined her on stage

Monday: Assessing Michelle

Senator Obama's wife Michelle talked of the values that she and her husband had learned while growing up in poor but loving families.

She said she believed her husband would be an extraordinary president.

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Here is the reaction of our panel of female voters.

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First broadcast 26 August 2008

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