The art of propaganda

The art of propaganda

David Heather with North Korean poster

The posters have proved popular with art buyers

Is your living room wall looking a little drab?

Do you need some artwork to liven it up?

How about this? Communist propaganda from North Korea.

Apparently it's not so wild an idea.

After a chance meeting with a North Korean artist several years ago, British entrepreneur David Heather has been visiting Pyongyang, and exporting the pictures to sell to collectors.

They're produced by hand at the massive state-run Mansudae Art Studio - it covers 30 acres and houses around 1,000 artists who turn out the posters and other artworks.

And they've proved popular with art buyers - a book featuring the posters has already been published, and an exhibition in New York is on the cards in the next few months.

James Fletcher has been to a London gallery to take a look:

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First broadcast 27 July 2008