Listening to the Amazon Paradox

Listening to the Amazon Paradox

Who should decide the fate of the Amazon rainforest? The people who live there? The Brazilian government? The international community? Or individuals all over the world?

The Amazon Paradox is the struggle between the needs of local people to exploit the rainforest and the global need to preserve its unique nature and resources for the whole world.

On 15 May, BBC correspondents reported from three locations in the Amazon rainforest- and were joined by colleagues and guests from across the world.

Here's our guide to the day's events:

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0500-0700 GMT: Special editions of the World Today presented by Fergus Nicoll from Manaus, city in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. We'll hear about the political debate within Brazil and the pressures to find a way to exploit the natural resources of the country and preserve the forest.

0900 GMT: World Update: Brazil correspondent Gary Duffy will be live from Paragominas in Para State, one of Brazil's frontier logging areas.

1030 GMT: World Briefing/One Planet special: live reports from Brazil correspondent Gary Duffy and from correspondents in Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Finland.

1200-1400 GMT: A double edition of Newshour, co-presented by Fergus Nicoll in Manaus, with live reports from Gary Duffy in Paragominas and Carolina Glycerio in Mato Grosso, an area where thousands of acres of forest has been replaced by cattle ranching and soya crops.
Listen Listen to an excerpt from Newshour (42 mins 30 secs)

1600 GMT: A special programme: The Amazon Paradox: live from the Amazon with Fergus Nicoll and Audrey Carville in Rotterdam - Europe's biggest port for the import of timber and soya. We'll be looking at the connections between the Amazon and the rest of the world.

1700 GMT: World Have Your Say will debate the future of the Amazon and link listeners up with those in the forest areas. You can post your comments here.

1830 GMT
: One Planet with a round up of the day's highlights, available as podcast or download.

2000 GMT: Newshour: further coverage from the Amazon.

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