More than a million road deaths each year

More than a million road deaths each year

A man depicted as a road accident victim in a WHO campaign poster

UN estimates put annual road deaths at about 1.1 million

The United Nations General Assembly has approved the first ever global UN Conference on road safety, in an effort to reduce the rapidly growing death toll on the world’s roads.

Statistics show that road deaths are now the number one killer of young people aged 10-24 worldwide.

As well as that toll on human life, road deaths cost developing countries around $100bn a year.

A group of influential figures has formed a Commission for Global Road Safety to campaign for improvement.

Lord Robertson, the former Secretary General of NATO, is leading the commission and has addressed the UN General Assembly.

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Long before this first ever UN debate on road safety, the staggering statistics of young people being killed or injured by road accidents in Africa has long bothered Jeff Witte from New York.

He started Amend, a non-profit group, together with two Ghanaian friends.

The group goes from school to school in Ghana, teaching children a range of road safety techniques.

From New York to Accra, this is Jeff's story.

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First broadcast 31st March