Controversy over Dickens memorials

Controversy over Dickens memorials

Dickens World in Chatham, England

Dickens World is a theme park based on his work

Plans to erect statues of Charles Dickens are proving to be a divisive issue.

This may seem especially surprising in Britain, the author's birthplace and where he based most of his novels.

There are plans in three British towns to put up a statue of the 19th century novelist to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth.

That is still four years away, but talk of it has already caused controversy, because Dickens stated clearly in his will that he did not want there to be any kind of monument in his name after his death.

The city of Rochester in Kent, where Dickens based one of his best known books, The Pickwick Papers, is one of the places planning to go ahead with its own tribute.

Newshour spoke to Charles Dickens' great great grandson, Gerald Dickens.

Why does he think there's such a fuss over the way his ancestor is remembered?

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First broadcast 24th March