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Last updated: 11 December, 2007 - Published 17:34 GMT
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...then there were five

In January 2007 BBC Network Africa unveiled the Who Am I? competition to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Ghana's independence.

We asked you to submit a short written composition to explain how you identify yourself. Do you identify yourself first and foremost with your family, your ethnic group, your country, your region or your continent? How does that affect the way you behave and the way you see the world?

This week the BBC African News and Current Affairs team unveil the five finalists in the running for the very special prize of an expense-paid trip to the UK and Bush house.

MONDAY - Musonda Mulenga Hilary

Musonda Mulenga Hilary

"Currently, I'm studying for the priesthood and it hasn't been that easy, especially because I am an African and celibacy is not appreciated in my culture."

TUESDAY - Datonye Alambo

Datonye Alambo

"I am alienated from my roots and ancestry. I struggle to speak in my native Kalabari tongue. I don't know much about my history and past."

WEDNESDAY - Farida Bedwai

Farida Bedwai

"So I walk 'funny' - big deal! I don't need to walk to develop software, do I? I think I'll do that, rise above my physical restrictions and the expectations of my narrow-minded society."

THURSDAY - Kozi Gonqueh

Kozi Gonqueh

"I am highly intelligent but my appearance does not qualify me for any sort of job... I am ashamed of how I look."

FRIDAY - Benson Udoh

Benson Udoh

"According to some scientists, I am an offspring whose ancestors emerged from a slimy sea, many years ago and evolved over time."

We will broadcast one of the five short-listed entries every day starting from Monday 10th until Friday 14th December 2007 on BBC Network Africa.

Voting for the overall winner is on Monday 17th December 2007 by text messages ONLY (+447786205085). Only one vote per person will be allowed. Anyone voting twice will lose their vote. The entry with the most text votes will be judged the winner.

The winner will be announced on Christmas Day December 25th 2007 during our special pre-recorded Christmas music request programme.

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Who are you and how do you identify yourself?
Who Am I? - competition rules
21 November, 2007 | News
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