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Last updated: 06 March, 2007 - Published 19:41 GMT
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Live from Accra

Ghana celebrates

We've been broadcasting live from Accra as the golden jubilee celebrations get underway in the Ghanaian capital.

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Network Africa running order details and timings

0'00" - Komla Dumor introduces the programme, goes through the menu billboard and hands over to the newsroom.

2'20" - Newsroom hands back to Komla, he introduces a taster of the last few hours celebrations.

4'03" - Nkrumah's legacy - Vera Kwakofi looks the independence leader's attempt to provide a backbone for Ghana's economy with the construction of the Akosombo dam.

7'13" - Independence montage - Voices from Ghana.

8'13" - Network Africa joins up with Julian Keane on The World Today for the next segment of the programme with musician Batman Samini.

9'24" - A taste of Ghana's musical highs over the last 50 years.

10'51" - Batman Samini interview.

15'47" - Goodbye to The World Today. Komla asks his young audience about Batman's assertion that music can really change things and reads some listeners' texts.

17'26" - Independence montage - Voices from Ghana.

18'27" - Network Africa Sport with Nick Cavell

19'07" - Kenneth Kaunda former president of Zambia, tells Komla what this day and the former leader, Kwame Nrumah mean to him.

24'02" - Komla returns to chat live to Batman Samini.

26'24" - programme ends.

Focus on Africa running order and timings

0'00" - Maureen Nkandu Mundea in London introduces the segment dedicated to Ghana's big day.

0'30" - President John Kuffour of Ghana, extract from address to the gathered crowd.

1'37" - Komla Dumor introduces Vera Kwakofi's round up of the day's events.

5'00" - Kwaku Sakyi-Addo looks at how Ghana compares with Malaysia, a country that achieved independence six months after Ghana in 1957.

Ghana is 50Ghana is 50
We're celebrating the landmark independence anniversary
Komla DumorKomla Dumor
"You're not supposed to fail, man! You're a Ghanaian!"
Gong for Ghana's superhero
26 September, 2006 | News
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