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Last updated: 13 December, 2007 - Published 13:36 GMT
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Pick of the week

Our selection of highlights from Network Africa this week.

Friday 14th December

We've heard a lot in the past few weeks from the government side of the conflict in the east of the DR Congo but what do things look like from the rebel side? These men are led by the dissident general Laurent Nkunda and they appear to have the upper hand in the fighting. Our correspondent in North Kivu Arnaud Zajtman went behind rebel lines in the town of Mashake to see things for himself.

Thursday 13th December

Sammy Gitau is an ex-drug addict from Muthare slum near Nairobi, Kenya. One day he woke up in hospital after taking a drug overdose and decided to turn his life around. He found a document from a British university in a bin and things changed. He told Audrey Brown how he ended up in that hospital bed and what propelled him to where he is today - about to receive a Master's degree from the university of Manchester.

Wednesday 12th December

In Cameroon tensions are slowly easing in the town of Kumba where students and police clashed last month. Two students lost their lives in the fighting in this town in the south west province and several are still in hospital. Randy Joe Sa'ah asked some of those who were caught up in the violence how the incident was sparked off?

Tuesday 11th December

A Kenyan pilot who crashed and remained in an elephant infested forest for eight days has been speaking about his terrible ordeal following his discharge from hospital. Retired Major, Solomon Nyanjui of the Kenya Wildlife services broke his ribs during the helicopter crash but survived by eating wild leaves and drinking rain water. After a massive rescue effort launched by the government failed to find him, the retired Major was finally rescued by trench diggers. The details he's been sharing have gripped the media as Josphat Makori reports.

Monday 10th December

We are celebrating our 75th anniversary here at the BBC World Service as part of the special season to mark the we are asking - What's the view of the BBC in Africa? We pride ourselves on having a wide range of listeners from the man on the street to those in State House. Sarah Grainger spoke to one such eminent person, Malawi's President, Bingu wa Mutharika and asked if he listens to the BBC?

Friday 7th December

Now fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo appears to be reaching a critical point with the Congolese army pounding villages under the control of dissident general Laurent Nkunda with rocket launchers and heavy artillery. The way the war is being conducted is raising fears that civilians living in the area may be caught in the cross fire. Our correspondent Arnaud Zaitman reports from Goma in North Kivu province.

Thursday 6th December

Eastern Chad has been in the news over the past few weeks because of fierce fighting. Rebel groups intent on overthrowing President Idriss Deby have been shooting it out with government forces. This week the army has been fighting rebels from the RFC - the Rally of Forces for Change. Today we bring you a first hand view from the battlefield. Our correspondent Stephanie Hancock has just been to one of conflict zones in the company of the Chadian army and sent us this report.

Wednesday 5th December

In Cameroon there's a huge debate going on over the apparent refusal of the government to bring home the body of the country's first head of state: Amadou Ahijo. Right now his body is in Senegal. He died in exile a few years after freely handing over power to the current president Paul Biya. And as Randy Joe Sa'ah reports from Yaounde, the public is now demanding a state burial for the late president.

Tuesday 4th December

In Kenya, locally produced soap operas are standard fare - with most of the major tv stations serving up at least one home grown saga. One of them is called Makutano Junction and it makes a point of weaving into its story lines issues like HIV and Aids and land rights. It's set in a fictional village somewhere in Kenya. And politics has come to Makutano Junction same as it has in the rest of the country - with elections coming up at the end of the month. Kevin Mwachiro takes us there.

Monday 3rd December

The code "419" is a very popular one in Nigeria - and beyond - because its associated with what's called advance fee fraud. The scam works like this: people overseas are promised a share of non-existent riches in return for details of their bank accounts - the accounts are then emptied and the perpetrators disappear without trace. In recent years - the internet has been used to extend the scope of the fraud. And for some: the scam is a get rich quick scheme. Our reporter in Lagos, Fidelis Mbah has more.

Friday 30th November

Sexual violence is being used as a weapon of war in the east of the DR Congo. Arnaud Zajtman, in the eastern town of Goma, investigates how the crimes are being perpetrated and what support and redress are available to the victims.

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