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Last updated: 18 July, 2006 - Published 14:08 GMT
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Resident Presidents 2005
The Resident Presidents (illustration by Frank Odoi)

Network Africa's Resident Presidents first aired with the launch of out weekend programmes in October 2005.

16th October 2005

Africa's debt has become a hobby horse of the West. At the G8 summit in Gleneagles last year it was announced that a number of the poorest nations are to be relieved of this crippling burden. It seems not everybody is completely happy about this

29th October 2005

Fears of bird flu's seemingly inexorable progress around the globe had prompted some African countries to ban poultry imports from affected areas. Our presidents though, have their own theories.

12th November 2005

Liberia's years of chaos, civil war and mis-rule were coming to a close towards the end of 2005 with the country's first democratic election since the end of 14 years of civil war. Our big men had a unique slant on the election run-off.

19th November 2005

A Somali pirate attack on Seaborne Spirit, a tourist cruise ship travelling to Mombasa caused concern to the Kenyan government, tourists and the U.N. International Maritime Organisation. Kibarkingmad and Olushambles however can't muster the same alarm.

26th November 2005

The border tensions that dominate relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea looked in danger of igniting into violence in November last year. The United Nations attempted mediation and our presidents pondered the problem.

3rd December 2005

A bizarre rumination on World Aids Day.

17th December 2005

As Hong Kong hosted the World Trade Organisation summit at the end of 2005, Olushambles and Kibarkingmad express doubts about the topics under discussion and those in attendance.

31st December 2005

"How was it for you?" 2005 comes to a close with Network's resident presidents discussing how the past 12 months has treated them.

"How long will she last?" The thought of women taking over the reigns of power in Africa is almost too much for the presidents to bear.

"2006, what do you think it will bring?" The Presidents have some original predictions for the year ahead.

Kibarkingmad illustration by Frank OdoiResident Presidents
A peek in to the minds of the big men from the 2006 archive and beyond
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A selection of arts highlights from recent editions of Weekend Network Africa
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