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Twitter@5: Five years of 140-character social networking

It has been five years since the first message was posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter. To discuss its significance, Newshour brought together Mohamed Yehia from the BBC's Arabic Service and Richard Coope from the Radley Yelder company.

The Climate Connection: What's stopping us?

BBC World Service explores a key question in the story of action on climate change: what's stopping us?

Marathon swimmer Martin Strel to take on the Grand Canyon

Martin Strel has already smashed four Guinness World Records after swimming the entire length of the Amazon, Yangtze, Mississippi and Danube rivers. Now the 56-year-old is setting his sights on conquering the Grand Canyon's Colorado River.

Wire-free power

Could wireless electricity be a reality soon?

Computer curse

The man who wrote the first ever computer virus

Broadband in a backpack

Mobile internet connection from almost any location

Crowd control

New technology for predicting crowd behaviour launches

Beaver Receiver

Why New Yorkers are sending texts to river wildlife

'Barcodes' tackle bush meat trade

'Barcodes' tackle bush meat trade