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Frequently asked questions about BBC World Service

3 february, 2010 - 13:19 GMT

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about BBC World Service and its programmes and services.

How can I listen to BBC World Service?

You can listen to BBC World Service in English on a range of platforms, including radio, online, satellite and cable, digital radio and mobile.

However, with the exception of online, not all of these ways of listening are possible in all regions of the world.

You can listen to BBC World Service programming in the following ways:



Digital radio

Internet radio

Satellite & canle

Mobile phone

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How is the World Service funded?

The BBC World Service is funded by a Parliamentary grant-in-aid, administered by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British government.

The FCO, in close consultation with World Service, is involved in the process of deciding which languages are broadcast, but editorial control of the programmes rests entirely with the BBC.

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