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Terrie Harker
Sarah Woodall
Furness, UK
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Sarah Woodall
Watch the video by clicking on the screen above then choose the best answer. Read what Sarah and Terrie say by clicking here but try to do the exercise before you see the text.
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Did you know?

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1. Terrie and Sarah
 ride their motorbikes near the docks.
 often watch boys riding motorbikes.

2. A lot of people
 have lost their jobs in the town.
 are going to get jobs in Walney.











T'ai Chi

3. Terrie's father
 was made redundant 24 years ago.
 used to be a shipbuilder.

4. Sarah
wants to be successful in her career.
 had a dream she had a family.

   Did you know?
Terrie and Sarah are from Barrow-in-Furness - in Cumbria, England. The town is situated opposite the Isle of Walney next to a narrow channel of the Irish Sea. This location provided shelter for shipbuilding which used to be one of the most important activities in the town. Ironworks were also established in the 1840s, as the European Industrial Revolution got under way. These days, the local shipyards mostly produce submarines.
   Language Fix
Terrie Harker Look at the structure of these phrases and then choose the correct way to complete the following sentences. Only one of the choices in each question is possible. Use the Check button to see the answer.
1. They didn't get a job for six months. They regretted to not stay on / not staying on / hadn't stayed on /at college.

2. This area needs more jobs. I wish that shopping centre would open. / did open. / opens.

3. Mum's always telling me to get a job. I wish she hadn't told me / wasn't telling me / wouldn't tell me so often.

4. I hate it when the security guards tell us to move on. If only they let us / letting us / would let us ride in the park.

5. I'm upset because someone else was offered the job. If only I'd got it. / was getting it. / would get it.

6. It's terrible your father was made redundant. If only the company not closing down. / didn't close down. / hadn't closed down.

   Get talking!
Workers demonstrating    Commuters going to work
Describe what is happening in each picture. How do you think the people are feeling? Is work the most important thing in life? See a model answer.

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