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Connie Mark  
London, UK  
Tai Chi
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Connie Mark
Watch the video by clicking on the screen above then choose the best answer. Read what Connie says by clicking here but try to do the exercise before you see the text.
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1. Connie has been learning T'ai Chi
 for several years.
 for a short time.

2. Connie believes
 a healthy mind gives you a healthy body.
 the exercise might hurt her knees.











T'ai Chi

3. Connie takes exercise
 about once a week.
 when she's at home in the morning.

4. Connie has given up smoking because
 she wants to be able to breathe well.
 the teacher of the class doesn't smoke.

   Did you know?
T'ai chi is an ancient form of Chinese exercise. It's also a system of attack and defence. As exercise it involves flowing movements with distinctive stances and positions. As a form of defence, it resembles kung fu and is considered a martial art. The exercises are named by the shape you make when doing them - such as 'white stork displays its wing' and 'fall back and twist like a monkey'.

   Language Fix
Connie Mark Look at the meaning of the following words and phrases and then choose one to complete these sentences. although | despite | in spite of
Click here if you need to see the answers.

1. Connie found the first T'ai Chi class difficult, she decided to go to the second class.

2. I love watching sport on television never doing any exercise myself.

3. Hassad decided to take up Indian dancing he had never been to a dance class before.

4. Sharon completed the London Marathon of having a sprained ankle.

5. Jack played football last night the rain.

6. Maria managed to give up smoking of the fact that she had smoked for ten years.

   Get talking!
Two people keeping fit    Basketball game
Describe what is happening in these two pictures of people keeping fit. What fitness programme would you recommend for a young man who hates sports? Discuss with a friend if you can. See a model answer.

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