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Jonathan Lander  
Colorado, USA  
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Johnathan Lander
Watch the video by clicking on the screen above then choose the best answer. Read what Jonathan says by clicking here but try to do the exercise before you see the text.
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1. Jonathan gets more frightened of skiing as he gets older.

2. Christian encourages him to do mad things.











T'ai Chi

3. Jonathan thinks Christian skis too slowly.

4. Jonathan hits his head when he jumps.

   Did you know?
Jonathan says touch wood before he skis off the cliff. This is a superstitious thing to do which he hopes will bring him luck. Other superstitions which some people believe in are: Friday 13th is an unlucky day, you should never walk under ladders (probably very wise!) and if you see a black cat it means you will have a good day.
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Johnathan Lander Put the following words in the correct spaces in the sentences below. set | match | pitch | track | court | mile Click here if you need to see the answers.

1. The crowds cheered loudly as the football players ran onto the .

2. The runners looked very tired as they ran around the athletics .

3. There was silence on the as the two tennis players walked out.

4. Arsenal played in the Football Association Cup Final yesterday. It was a really exciting .

5. Sri Lanka beat England's cricket team by 355 runs. They won by a .

6. The tennis match was incredible. Agassi won the first four games but then Sampras won the .

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Person rock climbing    Man on a hippopotamus
Describe what is happening in each of these pictures. What kind of sports do you like doing? Do you enjoy dangerous sports? See a model answer.

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