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Jayne Davis  
Cardiff, UK  
   Listen out
Jayne as a goth
Watch the video by clicking on the screen above and then choose the best answer. Read what Jayne says by clicking here but try to do the exercise before you see the text.
Listen out

Did you know?

Language fix

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1. Jayne dyed her hair because
 she liked surprising and shocking people.
 her partner asked her to it.

2. People crossed the road because
 they thought Jayne and her friends were punk rockers.
 Jayne and her friends were the first goths in Cardiff.











T'ai Chi

3. She used to wear
 white make up, black blusher, black lipstick.
 pink blusher, white make up and black eyeliner.

4. Her partner thinks
 Jayne should have a tattoo because she is a mother.
 Jayne is too old to have a tattoo done.

   Did you know?
Goth is a style of popular music which combines heavy metal and punk. The fashion and the music emerged together in the 1980s. Goths usually wear black clothes, heavy silver jewellery, black eye make-up and lipstick, and pale face make-up. Some famous goth bands include The Cure and The Mission; Marilyn Manson is a famous goth singer/songwriter.

   Language Fix
Jayne now Write the correct form of the word in bold to complete each sentence. Click here if you need to see the answers.
1. Merlin hardly ever went to school when she was young - she was very . rebel

2. The students went on a to protest about student loans. demonstrate

3. Jack is a for Drop the Debt and wants Third World debt abolished. campaign

4. My grandparents think that the fashion for piercing your tongue is . shock

5. Lynne works for Amnesty International - a human rights . organise

6. Kylie has been out selling magazines for the animal rights . move

   Get talking!
teenagers smoking    teenagers shopping
Describe what the people are doing in each picture. How do people try and look different from each other? Is it important for all teenagers to rebel? See a model answer.

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