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Ian Mackinnon  
Arisaig, UK  
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Ian Mackinnon
Watch the video by clickingon the screen above then choose the best answer. Read what Ian says by clicking here but try to do the exercise before you see the text.
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1 What does Ian do with the lobster?
 He asks a chef to cook it and then eats it.
 He exchanges it for a meal of pie and chips.

2 Where did Ian get the lobster?
 He bought it from a fisherman.
 He caught it when he went fishing.











T'ai Chi

3 How does Ian describe 'nouvelle cuisine'?
 Decorative food which is very expensive.
 The kind of food which emperors eat.

4 Why does Ian like eating pie and chips?
 Because it makes him feel full.
 Because the chef can't cook lobster.

   Did you know?
Ian remarks that his pie, chips and beans is not nouvelle cuisine .This style of cooking was originally developed in France in the 1970s. Nouvelle cuisine used simple, delicately flavoured portions and was a reaction to traditional rich French food. It was influenced by Japanese cooking and used fresh simple food. The food is arranged decoratively on the plate which emphasises the different colours and textures.

   Language Fix
Ian Mackinnon Look at the meaning of these phrases and then use them in their correct form to complete these sentences. a couch potato | nuts about | pig out | spill the beans | paid peanuts | turkey Click here if you need to see the answers.
1 Lorcan works really hard but he gets .

2 We bought lots of food and . My stomach still hurts!

3 I love staying in, eating pizza and watching television. My friends call me .

4 Callum's motor racing. He's gone to Monaco to watch the Grand Prix.

5 The play closed after two weeks. It was a real .

6 Chinda finally and told Miranda that Richard had taken her to the cinema.

   Get talking!
Man preparing hamburger    Family dining together
Look at the pictures. What kind of meals have these people prepared? Do you like eating at home or in a restaurant? Is it important for families to eat together? See a model answer.

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