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Nicola and Gordon Fyfe  
Alnwick, UK  
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Nicola Fyfe
Watch the video by clicking on the screen above then choose the best answer. Read what Nicola and Gordon say by clicking here but try to do the exercise before you see the text.
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Did you know?

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Get talking!

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1. How have the Fyfe family celebrated?
 Going to a football match and a restaurant.
 Playing football and eating some cake.

2. How long have the Fyfes been married?
 Nine years.
 Nine months.











T'ai Chi

3. What happened to the kite?
 It flew into the neighbour's garden.
 They didn't manage to fly it.

4. What do the children do?
 They count the number of candles.
 They blow the candles out.

   Did you know?
People often celebrate on the date they got married each year, on their wedding anniversary . Couples often receive gifts, particularly at important years such as the fifth, tenth and twenty-fifth anniversary. These presents are made of particular materials which get more valuable as the marriage gets longer. The first wedding anniversary present is made of paper, fifth - wood, 25th - silver, 40th - ruby, 50th - gold and 60th - diamond.

   Language Fix
Gordon Fyfe Check the meaning of these phrases and then use them to complete the sentences. look | look like | looks + adjective | look as if + fact Click here if you need to see the answers.

1. Look at these wedding photos! Jemima's husband Tom Cruise.

2. Jack's mother is smiling. She someone has told her a joke.

3. The flowers are beautiful - they roses, or maybe they're lilies.

4. The bridesmaids aren't smiling, are they? They really bored.

5. The bridesmaids they have been standing outside the church for ages.

6. The church is very beautiful - it about a hundred years old.

   Get talking!
Club scene    Couple dining
Describe these pictures. Try and compare and contrast them with a partner. Then discuss how you would celebrate a friend's birthday. See a model answer.

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