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Quiznet Archive - Quiz 33

1. He was very lazy around the house, he never _____ _ _____ to help his wife..
raised a leg
moved a hand
lifted a finger
shifted a foot
lazy man

2. Which of the following do not need 'the'?
He's sailing up the Nile for his holidays.
My favourite Sea is the Mediterranean.
Have you ever been to the Bahamas?
I'd love to visit the America.
palm trees

3. If something is 'tallish' it is quite tall but not very tall. Which of the adjectives below does not follow the same pattern?
He's youngish, about your age.
He's so selfish. I really don't like him very much
He's darkish, not as fair as I am anyway.
He's got greenish eyes.
tall building

4. If you borrow money, you must give it _____.

5. Which word has a different stressed syllable?

6. Which of the following forms of must and have to is grammatically correct?
I must to get up early tomorrow.
I musted work yesterday.
I've got to work late today.
Had you to work late yesterday?
alarm clock

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