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Quiznet Archive - Quiz 24

1. In British English it’s a puncture or flat tyre, in US English it’s a...
blow up
blow down
blow out
blow in
Wheel on a car

2. Which form of the word walk starts this sentence. "_______ is good for you."
To walk
Walking ladies

3. If someone doesn’t shave for a day, which of the following can’t we say?
He has a crew cut
He has stubble
He’s bristly
He’s got a 5 o’clock shadow
Unshaven man

4. Where would you find a ‘turtle-neck’?
on a tall man
on an animal
on a jumper
on a bottle

5. If someone hits you in the eye you may get...
a black eye
a blue eye
a brown eye
a red eye
An eyeball

6 . If someone doesn’t tell you the truth because they are making a joke, we can say they are "Pulling your…"
Smiling lady

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