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Quiznet Archive - Quiz 2

1. Choose the correct answer.
I'm very suspicious of this deal. I can smell .....
a rabbit
a rose
a rat
a fish

2. This is Nelson's Column. Does it stand ......
on Trafalgar Square
at Trafalgar Square
by Trafalgar Square
in Trafalgar Square
Nelson's Column

3. What do you call a group of bananas?
a clutch
a strand
a bunch
a bend

4. Who is most likely to swing a club?
a golfer
a tennis player
a basketball player
a cricket player
Sports Player

5. How do you spell the word which means that someone is easily frightened?

6. You phone the hotel reception and say, "There's no hot water in the bathroom." How would you then ask for help politely?
Send someone now
Could you see to it, please?
Shall you repair it, please?
Let's fix it, please

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