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Today's topic: Sometimes we don't want to be exact when we speak. The Following questions all have examples of this vague language.

1. The population of the world is roughly ________(rough = /ruf/)

6 billion
2 billion
4 billion
3 trillion

Planet Earth

2. Which of the following expresses 12 o'clock EXACTLY.

It's twelve-ish
It's 12 o'clock more or less
It's about 12
it's 12 o'clock on the dot


3. It's a thing you use for drying yourself. What is it?

a serviette
a towel
a napkin
a tissue


4. It's stuff you use for washing dishes. What is it?
washing-up liquid
washing powder
Washing up

5. What colour is a duck's egg?
bluey green
reddy brown
orangey red
a kind of yellow colour

6. What's do you call the yellow stuff in an egg?
Catwalk models

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