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Today's topic: 'Regret' - How many times have you thought you would like to change something, but you can't or it's too late!

3 of the following answers are CORRECT, choose the one which DOES NOT correctly express 'regret'.

1. I was late.

I wish I hadn't been late
I should have been on time
If only I'd been on time
I wish I weren't late


2. It's raining again!

I wish it isn't raining
If only it were sunny
I wish it weren't raining
I wish it was sunny

Rainy weather

3. I've spent all my money

I wish I hadn't spent all my money
If only I haven't spent all my money
I shouldn't have spent all my money
If only I'd saved some money

Wallet with money in

4. I can't swim

I wish I could swim
If only I could swim
I wish I couldn't swim
I should have learnt to swim


5. I've got a terrible hangover (I drank too much last night)
I shouldn't have drunk so much.
I shouldn't have drank so much
I should have stuck to mineral water
If only I hadn't drunk so much

6. I lost my temper (got angry)

I shouldn't have lost my temper
I should lost my temper
I wish I hadn't lost my temper