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Today's topic: 'Weather'

1. Which is the odd one out?


Chilly Mild Cold Freezing image

2. Which of the following words go together? 'Torrential _______'


Weather map

3. If the weather changes often, we usually say we are having _____ & ______.

Sun & rain
Sunshine and showers
Rain & sun
Showers & sunshine

Rainy day

4. Which is the odd one out?

It's throwing it down!
What a downpour!
It's a bit drizzly.
It's raining cats & dogs.


5. Put the following winds in order from the least strong to the strongest.
hurricane, breeze, wind, gale
breeze, wind, gale, hurricane
gale, breeze, wind, hurricane
wind, gale, hurricane, breeze
Hurricane, Breeze, Gale, wind image

6. Which of the following does NOT mean very hot?

It's boiling!
It's baking!
It's a real scorcher!
It's absolutely freezing!


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