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Today's topic: 'Comparisons'

1. A bike is _________ a car.

more cheap than
cheaper than
more cheaper than
cheaper as


2. "I think Marilyn Monroe was __________ Madonna"

more beautiful than
beautifuller than
more beautifuller than
more beautiful as


3. "CDs are much _________ records, & nobody listens to tapes!"

more moderner than
moderner than
more modern than
more modern as


4. Which of the following are grammatically and factually correct?
Germany is _________ China.
as big as
not bigger as
not as big than
not as big as

5. "When it came to maths Phillip was ________ student in the class."
the worst
the most bad
the baddest
Class room

6. You are having a party and some extra guests arrive, what do you say? "Come in, the more, __________"
the happier
the busier
the merrier
the funnier

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