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Today's topic: Used to

1. Before he was married he used ___________ alone.

to living
to live

lonely, bored man

2. I used ______________ in sales, but I was useless, I couldn't sell anything!

to work
to working

Car sales

3. John ___________________hard because he lives on a farm.

used to work
used to working
is used to work
is used to working

vegetables from a farm

4. When my children were little we ____________ hours playing in the garden.
used to spending
used to spend
are used to spending
are used to spend
bored kids in a garden

5. When I was a nurse I __________ nights.
used to working
used working
used to work
used work
an ambulance

6. Which of the following sentences use the structure 'used to + verb'?
'When they moved to Africa, it took them a while to get used to ___________.

the hot weather
the afternoon siestas
the shops opening at different times
driving on the left

an aeroplane

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