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Today's topic: This and that or that and this

1. "___________, welcome to the show!"

ladies and gentlemen
gentlemen and ladies
men and women
Mr and Mrs


2. Often in business you have to ______________ important clients

dine and wine
wine and dine
eat and drink
drink and eat


3. There are so many restaurants you can ___________________

pick and choice
pick and chose
pick and choose
pick and chosen

another restaurant

4. As you get older you enjoy a bit of ____________.
peace and quiet
war and peace
piece and quiet
quiet and piece
old man

5. There are so many __________ in London these days. (homeless people)
down and ups
ups and downs
out and downs
down and outs
homeless man

6. Everyone at school had a terrible cold, he was sure to catch it ___________.
(It was sure to happen eventually)

later or sooner
earlier or later
later or earlier
sooner or later

at the doctor's

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