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Today's topic: All in the past

1. Which is NOT correct? 'I met an old schoolfriend __________.'

the other day
a few days ago
sooner or later

old man

2. When we were young, our families _________ by the sea

would live
used to live
was used to living
was living


3. Which answer is NOT correct? 'Every Saturday morning I ________ my friends on the beach.'

would meet
used to meet
was meeting


4. Which is NOT correct? 'It always seemed to be sunny ________.'
in those days
back then
the other day
in the good old days
Question mark

5. One day we ____________ in the sea when we saw a shark!
were swimming
used to swim

6. I remember _______ it was the best place in the world!

to think

Woman thinking

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