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Countdown Quiz
Ninety seconds to answer six general knowledge questions. Sounds easy, but can you do it? Look at the sample questions from each quiz or the topic and Click on a quiz and test yourself now. You can see sample questions from the quiz or the topic
Countdown Quizzes
1 question: Which word is connected with hot weather?
2 question: If you are 'as white as a sheet', you …
3 question: Which of the following is not a type of seafood?
4 question: Someone who treats damaged trees is a __________ ?
5 question: If you are cross, you are...?
6 question: Put these 'waters' in order, from smallest to biggest.
7 question: If you are seething, you are... ?
8 question: What's a synonym of rude?
9 question: Which activity is more permanent in these sentences?
10 question: What time do you ______ it?
11 question: Which of the following cannot be delivered?
12 question: John always insisted ___ paying the bill.
13 question: The phrase 'in a nutshell…' means
14 question: 'It costs a fiver'. In Britain this means
15 question: Someone who hates working is lazy or a lazy________.
16 question: Which word has a different stress pattern?
17 question: If you want to walk quietly, do you...
18 question: What do we call it when someone stops you in the street and takes your money?
19 question: Which of the following ways of giving your opinion is the most informal?
20 question: I like _________ the night before an exam.
21 question: Where on your body is your 'spine'?
22 question: I always go _______ home for Christmas.
23 question: Which word does not go with 'form'?
24 question: Complete the sentence. 'I like living __________'.
25 question: In American English the 'fall' refers to which season?
26 question: Which of the following prejudices or 'isms' is NOT possible?
27 question: Which of the following jewels is blue?
28 question: They spent the whole evening ___________ TV.
29 question: If someone feels blue, how do they feel?
30 question: Where would you buy a 'loaf'?
31 question: Which of the following does NOT describe a drink?
32 question: She lit a fire because she _____ so cold.
33 question: By the time I arrived at the station, the train __________.
34 question: If someone says 'Cheerio', what are they saying in an informal way?
35 question: How do you say the number 2521?'
36 question: Which of the following does NOT mean cheap?
37 question: Which of the following is connected with being young?
38 question: I prefer to go shopping _______ myself.
39 question: Which word is the odd one out?
40 question: Which word does not have a silent 'l' sound?
41 question: The Internet is an amazing ______________.
42 question: Which of the following jobs has the stress on the first syllable?
43 question: Which word doesn't have a silent 'h'?
44 topic: crime
45 topic: articles
46 topic: clothes
47 topic: time
48 topic: valentine
49 topic: arts
50 topic: school
51 topic: verbs
52 topic: food
53 topic: family
54 topic: business
55 topic: colours
56 topic: going away
57 topic: like
58 topic: problems in the home
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Learning English
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