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Learning English
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Learn the language of the street - what people say and the topics they like to talk about. Take a look at these money words and phrases and then try out the Lingo Challenge!
 The money in your pocket more Lingo

  • Dosh, dough, wedge - These are informal terms for money.
  • A fiver , A tenner . - £5, £10
  • Twenty quid - £20
  • A ton - £100
  • A grand - £1,000
  • Loose change - coins
  • I've only got a few coppers. - I only have a few 2p and 1p coins.
  • Plastic - credit/debit cards






Going out





 Having a lot

  • She's loaded . She's stinking rich . - She's got lots of money.
  • Trustafarians - People who receive money from their family or an allowance; the word is a play on Rastafarian (a believer in a religion which originated in Jamaica).
  • I'll buy you dinner, I'm cashed up tonight! - I've got plenty of money!
 Not having any

  • I'm skint / broke . I haven't got a penny . - I haven't got any money!
  • I'm a bit short this month. - I don't have much money till I get paid.
  • I can't afford it! - It's too expensive for me, I don't have enough money.
  • I've reached my credit limit. - I can't spend any more money on my credit cards.
  • He lost his job last year and had to sign on . / go on the dole . - He's now out of work and receiving financial help from the government. [If you sign on, you go to a government office and sign a form each fortnight to declare you are available for work.]

 People who don't like spending it

  • He never buys a round ; he's really tight. / tight fisted. / stingy. - That guy never buys drinks for other people - he's mean / ungenerous.
  • He opened his wallet and a moth flew out ! - He rarely spends his money. [Moths tend to live in clothes which don't get used very often - so someone mean never opens his / her wallet!]

 Some phrases

  • That piano's worth a fortune ! - That piano is worth a lot of money.
  • It cost an arm and a leg! - It cost a lot of money.
  • They get paid peanuts ! - They get paid badly.
  • That restaurant's a real rip-off ! - That restaurant overcharges; it doesn't represent value for money.
  • They don't have two pennies to rub together . - They are very poor.
  • The business went bust. - The business was declared bankrupt.
  • That last bill completely cleaned me out ! - That bill used up all of my money.
  • I'm skint. I blew my salary on a new hi-fi. - I've spent all my wages.

 Lingo Challenge

Try using as many of these phrases as you can in a one-minute conversation! How many will you manage to use? Have fun!

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