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Learn the language of the street - what people say and the topics they like to talk about. Take a look at these food words and phrases and try them out in the Lingo Challenge!

  • Nosh / grub - These are informal words for food.
  • Lets go out for a slap up dinner. / Let's pig out and stuff our faces! - Let's go out and have a lot to eat!
  • The food was fusion. - There was a mix of two types of food, eg Thai and western European.
  • I really fancy an Indian! - You're not in love with someone from India - you just want to go for a curry [spicy Indian food]!
  • Fancy a ruby? - Here, 'ruby' is rhyming slang for 'curry'. [Ruby Murray was one of the most popular singers in the UK in the 1950s.]
  • I'm starving. I could eat a horse! - you are extremely hungry!
  • I'm just a bit peckish. - You are not particularly hungry but feel like having something to eat.






Going out





 Eating out

  • A greasy spoon - A cafĂ© that sells cheap, filling food.
  • A good fry up / a full English breakfast - Bacon eggs, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and anything else people can cram on their plates.
  • Pub grub - food you find in your local public house [the pub].
  • A starter, a main course, and pudding / dessert. - A three course meal is served in this order.
  • Service not included - If you see this on your bill at the end of the meal you'll need to add on the tip.

 After the meal

  • That hit the spot!
  • I'm absolutely stuffed!
  • I'm full!
  • I couldn't eat another thing if I tried!
  • I think I've eaten too much!

These are all informal expressions meaning you've eaten well and can't eat any more.

 Lingo Challenge

Try using as many of these phrases as you can in a one-minute conversation! How many will you manage to use? Have fun!

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