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  Being Interviewed
Interview skills are as important for getting a job as they are for getting into college or university.
This is a key part of the selection process. However good you appear on paper, it's how you present yourself in person, how you answer those interview questions, that's likely to be decisive in your success.

To prove that you're the best person for the job.

    Doing it  


So, how can you be the BEST, the person who gets the job?

Through PREPARATION: Finding out about the company, the job, and then thinking about and planning how you're going to answer those interview questions

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    Interview Questions  
Blue line Blue line
There have been interviews as long as there have been jobs needing to be filled. This means that virtually any question you might be asked at an interview can be predicted and an answer prepared.
You'll find that most questions fall into two categories: factual & human.
  Factual questions
Testing out the information written on your application form or trying to find out more information about areas that the interviewer is concerned about or wants to know more about.

Human questions
Trying to identify what type of person you are. Often the questions start 'why' (why did you decide to study those subjects?) or 'what' (what do you see yourself doing in five years' time?). They deal with matters of personal preference, attitude and opinion.


These questions are asked in one of two ways - open or closed.

Good interviewers generally only use open questions.

  Open questions
Why do you think you'll like working here?

Closed questions
Do you think you'll like working here?

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The Bad Interviewer

If you're faced with an interviewer who's not particularly good, you need to take control. Listen to the audio if you want to hear the technique for handling closed questions.

Bad response - Too short

Bad response - Too long

Good response

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The end of the interview
Don't just think about the job, think about the advert.

This is your chance to show how much you're interested in the company and to find out if the job is really as interesting as it seems.

There's normally something that you're not sure about, so ask away.

But, and this is a big BUT, don't ask questions for the sake of it.


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