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The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management
Charles Handy was, for many years, a professor at the London Business School. He is now an independent writer and broadcaster. He describes himself, these days, as a social philosopher.
cross-culture projects
Episode 13: Fons Trompenaars & Charles Hampden Turner biography

Trompenaars spent eight years with Shell, where he ended up working on a culture-related project, and then worked part-time for the company before founding the Center for International Business Studies.

The British academic Charles Hampden Turner is Trompenaars' long-term collaborator together they founded the Trompenaars-Hampden-Turner Group..

Their work is based around exhaustive and meticulous research. The book which first established Trompenaars' reputation was 'Riding the Waves of Culture' (1993).

Since then he and Hampden Turner have written 'Mastering the Infinite Game' looking at differences in Western and Eastern values and the '7 Cultures of Capitalism' (1995).

Most recently, the duo have produced 'Building Cross-Cultural Competence' which argues that foreign cultures are not arbitrarily or randomly different but mirror images of each other's values.


'Riding the Waves of Culture', Nicholas Brearley, London, 1999
'Building Cross-Cultural Competence', John Wiley and Sons, 2000
'21 Leaders for the 21st Century', 2001

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More useful words :

connected to the customs, beliefs and other products of a particular group of people

long-term collaborator
a partner over a long period of time

thorough, covering all cases or possibilities

the duo
the pair, two people

decided by or based on chance or personal opinion

not following a plan, aim or pattern

mirror images
a situation which is very similar to another situation, but whose various parts may sometimes be arranged in a different or opposite way
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