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Nonsense Thursday, January 24th, 2008

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Sami, Tunisia
I cannot wait for you to join me soon
For you are my all,
my Sun and Moon
You always do everything with Love
Your skin feels like a silken Glove
No cigarettes, no coffee and nothing but milk & honey
My feelings will never change with all the world's money

Nesrine, Tunisia
I live with no fish in the dish, my skin, not silk with my bodymilk. And that is not what I could wish. Nice clothes are never cheap, and don't show if people are deep. From the dawn, we're hurrying up, and I can't leave my old cup. I am happy to join Sam soon, I saw his face in every moon. He does everything with a big class, but often pours the water out of the glass. Cigarettes and coffee are all he loves, never he'll quit event with stoned gloves.

Julio R, Spain
Interesting webcast, sentences, poems ans sayings. I've written a small nonsense poem. I don't actually know if it's nonsense. It's not completly original. It's based on a well-known film song. Here it is:

Tombstones on petals and cold boiling ashes,
transparent darkness and smoke written dashes,
Golden coal candies mixed up with rings,
these are a few of my disgusted things.
Salt sprinkled faces and rough jelly nightmares
bad-humoured junctions and dangerous airfares
anger-made pockets filled up with strings
these are a few of my disgusted things.
Gossipy shy snakes and red coloured sadness
dark frightened feelings and teddy bear madness
warming ice dancers dancing with swing
these are a few of my disgusted things.
When the storm breaks,
when I lose heart
when I'm feeling sick
I simply remember my disgusted things
and I don't feel so bad.

Best Regards.

David, Colombia
To my girlfriend: Dear Shark Sinnamon you're the most chocolate poshipa that´s why you make me happy.

Silvia Ceragioli, Italy
I was sleeping in the knight
When his hose came by
But the horse was pierced,
And the night had to sew it.

Angel, Spain
English translation of a nonsense story that my grandfather used to tell me when I was a child: "It was a dark night with a shiny sun. I walked alone with two friens. Suddenly, illuminated by a broken torch, we saw a living corpse. I took off my knife (which had no handle nor blade) and shot him three times."

Jaskier, Poland
Pardon my nonsenses, it has no sense at all :D. But in fact... it's all about that, am I right? ;)

A black-white, no-neck giraffe
leaped over the pond by cough
tiny herbivore has eaten tons of flesh
whilst around a corner--another crash
before a pear was peeled,
a man had been killed,
bottle of fire drunk and a brand, new car sunk
Then immediaddenly...all these things disappeared
and a pretty witch revealed
with an intelarating look on her face
which till THIS DAY artists TRACE

It was a nice episode of webcast. Thank you. Looking forward to the next ones.

Adriana, Brazil
Lighten up, how would you like it, to be called child if you, child-like too, said you like me but keeps treating me like the lightning, like one that likes to dislike someone who likes you. I'll lightly tell you, you need to know how to like people that like you more than people that don't like you because the more you like people that like you, the more likely to be likeable and to have someone who likes you more than dislike you. So...if you like, I'll keep my liking for you until you bring to light that you don't like me.

Luis Steve, Mexico
Well,It has been clear what you know being know it jumped to being know as the know is know,the clear white color uncolored white it gives cleared white uncolored ideas and the uncolored colored white runs in every new colored ideas.Great programs. I will miss them. Best Wishes To all of you.