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Better Speaking is all about how you can become a fluent, confident speaker of English. In the programmes we hear from learners of English from around the world and also from someone who specialises in teaching speaking, trainer Richard Hallows. Better Speaking is presented by Callum Robertson.

Episode 12
In this final episode of Better Speaking, Callum and Richard look back at the previous programmes and discuss some of the main ways you can improve your English speaking.

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Episode 1
We hear several learners describe what they find difficult about speaking English, and Callum and Richard discuss the link between confidence and fluency.

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Episode 2
Callum and Richard hear a clip from Korean football manager Pak Han Suk, and discuss ways you can improve your fluency in English.

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Episode 3
Callum and Richard hear a clip from the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. They also discuss different ways you can practise and improve your English pronunciation.

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Episode 4
Callum and Richard hear a clip from Greek businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou and discuss different ways that you can organise what you say.

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Episode 5
Callum and Richard listen to a clip from an interview with the successful Icelandic singer, Björk. They discuss the best ways to learn English vocabulary, and some ways you can sound like a native English speaker.

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Episode 6
Callum and Richard listen to an interview with a former Wimbledon champion, Conchita Martinez. They discuss ways that you can hesitate in English and the very important 'er' sound in pronunciation.

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Episode 7
Besides being one of motor racing's greatest stars, Michael Schumacher is also a very good speaker of English. Callum and Richard discuss the importance of using contractions and also varying intonation while you speak.

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Episode 8
How does Iman Abdulmajid's life as a model conflict with her Muslim upbringing? Callum and Richard listen to a clip of Iman talking about this tension, and discuss ways that learners can increase their range of vocabulary.

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Episode 9
This week, Callum and Richard discuss how we can use phrases like I think and I feel to give our opinion. They also talk about natural ways of agreeing or disagreeing in a conversation.

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Episode 10
The pop band ABBA achieved global success with dozens of hits in the 1970s. But how successful were the band members at speaking English? Callum and Richard listen to an interview and discuss different ways that you can be vague in English.

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Episode 11
Steffi Graf is one of the most successful tennis players ever, but is she a successful speaker of English? Callum and Richard listen to an interview with the star and discuss how she manages to sequence what she says.

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Blue Arrow Talk About English discussion programmes
Your questions Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Your comments:
This is the final Talk About English to go up on our website... so, just as the programme was open to your questions about anything, this week we're opening up the comments and you're invited to write in to us about any topic that inspires you! As ever, we'll be delighted to hear from you. Jackie

Name, country:


Shira, Israel
This programme is great, and I really enjoys listenning to it while walking to school.

Rosalba, Puerto Rico
I cannot believe that I cannot hear this wonderful program. Why? I hope BBC reconsider its decision and the program come back to the air. Thanks for all the contribution you made to the world. It was a pleasure to heard all your word facts and the direferents interviwes. I really learned a lot.

Dada Soussou, Algeria
I am laerning english as foreign language in university .I am so interested in it.I always compare between my mother tongue which is Arabic and English ,and I found out that Arabic is richer wih words than English

Micron, Taiwan
I just start to get addicted to the opening melody of this program. :(It's really a wonderful program for an English learner.

Jiji, Algeria
Words are not enough for me to express my feelings, I am lucky and so happy to be with you through listening to your very interesting programs!!!! thank you very much

Hiro, Japan
I am very sad. but Thank you so much giving us this fantastic programme. you have definetely improved my English skill. see you soon.

George, Greece
Hello!!!!I just want to say thank you a lot for yours on line educational programms about english language.Always i hear you and really is my best time and i enjoy to learn english .You have make that to be more easy!!!!keep going)))

Chinara, Azerbaijan
hi to all, how are you? i'm very glad and excited to write to you right now:) it's a pity that i started to listen to you only just last month:(i want this programme to be restored again,'s fun to listen to you and we all enjoy it very muchhhh:)You're so great:)pleaseeee!!!come baaaaackk:(i hope you'll make us really happy with another programme like that even though you don't restore it. thank you very much for all. CU:)

Abderazak , El-Eulma Algeria
HelloI'm really happy to hear an answer to my little question about Cathrine and Arabic language but at the same time I'm sad because there's no "Talk about English" againI enjoy listening to you enough Thanks and laters.Good bye

Marc, Spain

Sara, Italy
No! I can not believe that you stop with such a fantastic programme! Why? I wait every week to listen and perfect my listening and comprihension with you and is for me a excellent way to hear native English speakers. So many interesting topics too. I have improved so much and now, why does BBC Learning English decide to stop? I will miss very much this programme and I hope you will give your listeners good news soon about another programme like this. Please and thank you very much for all.

Lark, Iran
Such sad news! But it's been fantastic to write and read different opinions. I hope to find a new way on your site to share ideas. Good Luck!

Onder kose, Turkey

I dont know how to say thanks to BBC learning english program. This helped me alot to improve my and my friends English. Now i have more 2GB downloaded Mp3 from this site. Now i am looking for a guid to improve my writing skill please let me know if you have any site for that.many many thanks

Anastasia, Russia
it's a pitty.. I have just discovered this web site and started learning English whith you. I actually like Webcast. But please don't remove archive.

Mike Dnistrenko, Ukraine
Final Webcast script?...I was amazed to know this news and couldn't believe my eyes :( It was a really valuable and effective project for me I've ever found and visited in internet before! Last Saturday I was listening and translating your last program to my mother. I wanted to explain her my feeling about it event. As other learners I use MP3 player for listening these programs during my business trips. It was enjoy pastime I love to hear your language tips, jokes and different quizes. In addition to this I'm sharing almost all your programs between my colleague at foreign language courses as a collection of file-archives. They appreciated me a lot since a little time. Some topics of webcast like memory and history was discussed by member of our group. Anyway all my friends and I are really appreciate you for your great work ! Thank you very much Webcast Team !

Saeedeh, Iran
what?.. you want to live? no .. no I can't belive .. your program is best and I hope you never close. I could improve my really poor english with your great program and every week I am waiting for your new program...please do not close.I realy hope you continue.

Bake Abadias, Navarra-Spain
Hi,I've heard this is your last programme.What sad news! I've listened to your every week programe with great pleasure, and I've learnt many things about English language with you. I'm certainly mess all of you now. I'm very very sorry!My best wishes,

Arman, Iran
I cant believe it!!!are you kidding??!!do you know how many people all around the world have got used to hear "hello Im Callum Robertson and this is talk about English..."every thursday???It really helps me to get familier with native accent.please carry on if its possible

Dmitry, Russia
Oh, my God, I can't believe it. I'm the elderly and cynical guy, but I'm crying like a baby. You can't leave my iPod! Please, change your mind! I falling in love with Jackie (and all of you guys), so what am I going to do now? I don't know, I don't know...

Yanko, Brazil
Can you imagime how much I've been improving my english by Webcast?I talk about WebCast for all my colleague at work, at english course and other places. I show how much rich is the material produced by Webcast.I've been using this material since 2007 and I would like to be a Webcast's guest, even my poor english.I hope the Webcast's producer give up this crazy idea.

Hugo, Brazil
How do you mean "the last ever Talk About English"? I just can't believe the best programme for English learners on the internet will end like this! I have all the webcasts since november 2006 on my mp3 player and it's amazing how they've helped me with my English. I think it's too sad that a programme which is so popular among English learners around the world should come to an end so abruptly. Whatever happens, though, I have to say to Callum, Jackie, William, Neil and the others that you are a very successful team and that all of us who have benefited so much from your excellent work are very grateful for the dedication you have shown and your effort to bring us an even better programme each week. I think your talent is obvious from the great job you've done! I'm self-taught in English and have never attended a language school --at first because my parents couln't afford it and now because I hardly have any time left between my job and the university-- but it turned out that my English advanced faster here than it would have if I had gone to a regular language school. I sincerely thank the BBC Learning English team for much of what I have achieved, you guys will be partly to blame for my future success! I wish you all the best in your careers and your lives. Callum, I hope you'll get married this year. Jackie, don't give up on your Portuguese, I heard it in a webcast and I loved it! Neil and William, you are very gifted teachers, keep up the good work and the best of luck to you! So, this is it... if we are not to see each other again, I have to say that you will leave "saudade" in our hearts.

webcast addicted
I can,t believe my ears.Please stay with us forever.

Miguel Andres, Peru.
It is a bat notice but I hope that people from bbc continue working in other better proyect. Thamks.

Eliza, São Paulo, Brasil
I will write one brazilian word that will express my feeling about the end of the programme: "saudade". I'm used to hear your voices every morning while I'm walking to the hospital I work. I'd like to thank you all, I've improved my listening skills a lot. I loved to wait the Thursdays in order to hear a new subject, what a pleasure!!!

Mahnaz, Iran
hi.its my first time that i use bbc.its so interesting for me becuse im still studing english in a anistitue and enjoy with this proud of you bbc because you are the best group in the world.i ;ove you and all of the people in this site.

Jane, China
Final webcast! It surprised me just like other listeners. I'd like to say thank you to Talk About English team. This is a great programme, it's not only helping me for improving my English, but widening my knowledge. I hope to hear your voices again soon and look forward to another great programme.

Susanna, Hong Kong
I like "Webcast", "People and Places" and "How To" very much. Now "Webcast" comes to the end I find it a pity. Anyway, I expect something new and good from you. I have listened to the only for a few months and know that this website has existing for ten years. It is too late for me to learn this website. I wish I learnt it ten years ago. Thank you for you all for providing such a good English learning area.

Noe, Japan
I have been listening this pragram for about 5years and I didn't expect the final pragram... so dissapointed.Anyway, thanks a lot for your interesting programm,,,

Marco, Italy
Noooooooo!I can't believe it!Why? It was such a great program!Please keep doing it!I will miss you dear friendsThanks for everything you've done

Mariana, Brazil
I found Talk About English just 1 or 2 months ago and I liked it so much! I learn and have fun at the same time. why did i find this podcast before?I hope you'll do another program so good as this one.And it came to an end and i wasn't interviewed. :-(

Ferran, Spain
It's a pity! I can't believe it, I don'w know wich the reason is to be the last program, this program is very useful to improve english for everyone, so I wish to you a good luck in the future.

I don't believe it !!! Oh NO! You Can't live now ! This programme is the best I've ever heard. Every week I'm waiting for new broadcast and I can't imagine that it is last programme.

Mayur, India
It is unbelievable that webcast is no more.......

Adrian, Poland
I'd like to say thank you , this programme is great it really helps me to improve my English especially listening and vocabulary, It was very helpful and interesting for me, I will miss you a lot :( and I wish it would continue soon, sorry for mistakes

Daniela, Bulgaria
it is a pity that this program will be closed.However, I believe it will mark the beginning of something new and I will hear your voices again.Thank You, Guys!

Justyna, Poland
Yesterday I talked with my husband how great you are and how you're helping us to improve our poor english! And today it's turned out that it is last programme!I feel very sad.Thank you very much for fantastic time. I wish you good luck in your future projects!!!

lagassan Françoise, France
What a shame! it was so interesting,so lively and I learnt a lot just listening every week... I will miss you a lot .Why do you stop?

Jintana, Thailand
What you mean ? Is this program closing soon? I prefer this program, it help me a lot for practice listening skill.Anyway, thank you for a good program and please create more new program for listening skill, thank you.

what do you mean "final"... there will be no more of it? ever? NO!! :(

Morcos, Egypt
I am very sad that this program comes to an end; it was really helpful to me to listen to native English speakers talking about real life and subjects which are up to date. I really hope this program would continue, otherwise I hope it would be substituted with a similar level program. Thanks and see you soon.

Yukiko, Japan
I agree with Juan for every bit of his words. I sincerely miss this program! Please come back soon!

Héctor, Puerto Rico
Great final programme! Was nice to know a little bit more about all of you. I really enjoyed this programme and I wish all of you good luck on the new ones. Thanks for the great job all of you are doing.Take care and have a great weekend.

Luis Steve, Mexico
Well, Really Thanks to all Jackie, William and all of you for this great oportunity, you made every program interesting and exiting that i want to listen more and more, ever program I learned new things, and more important i did having fun and smiling some times for the way you created the programs, i am honest in saying that I have been learning more with you than any school of english language i ever been, since last year when a brit lady told me about i have been feeling like i was there in the UK, its great how your programs make my mind work in thinking in all the places you describe relating to the topics of the program, now everyday I go to work listening you in my mp3 player, Well, one of my hightlights in 2007 was discover BBClearningenglish, and i am going to continue listening all your programs and always ready for the new in BBClearning english. Thanks you very much i will keep practicing my english. My best to you, and hello to Jackie dalton

Misun, South Korea
Thank you so much for your work! Your webcast was really good resource to improve my English, especially as it shows what English speakers say when interacting each other. It was quite a different experience from just studying with news or sitcom which send messages are sent unilaterally. I hope you won't erase your archive though you are stopping this program.

Adriana, Brazil
I regret for not have been able to ask my questions to you all in time. Actually I wanted to ask one but I was afraid someonelse could be offended but as I could see, there was a question similar in the program. I really have this doubt and I ask to everybody here but nobody knows the answer. Never mind...there's no more time to ask anything.:-(I liked very much this program and it's a pity that it's the end of it. I was used to hear your voices Jackie, William, Callum and Neil. Paul , your voice was unknown to me and sounds very strong and impressive. I wouldn't argue with you. I'll miss your voices very much. I'm happy because I could understand the lot...including the slight provocations, William. If we were kids, I would pull you long hair :-)I wish someone there with flu(I couldn't identify if was Callum or Neil)get better. Bye guys, you are all great!

Lina María, Colombia
I would like to thank Jackie Dalton, William Kremer, Callum Robertson and Neil Edgeller for calling me, it was very exited to talk to all of that I can hear the programme, I understand you very well, the sound is great. It's a shame that the programme had came to the end, I hope you can replace it with a better one. Thank you very have helped us to improve our english no matter how far we are..

Juan Luis
What's a pity! Why the final Talk About English? Whar are you going to do now? It is one of my favourite programmes of this site. I improved my listening skills every week with your programm. I hope you will help us with our English with a different and exciting programme.Thank you very much for helping us every week. It was very funny.See you soon.