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Talk about English webcast

Talk about English - Webcast

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This is an archive programme. For information about the latest programme go here >>

Your questions Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Jackie Dalton

Callum Robertson, William Kremer, Neil Edgeller
Producers, BBC Learning English

Paul Scott
Editor, BBC Learning English

Dr Charlotte Alston
University of Ulster

Fran Bate
London Science Museum

Final Talk About English
This is the last ever Talk About English to go up on our website so we decided to hand over the programme to you by giving it up to your questions. We invited you to send in questions about absolutely anything...the result: a strange and eclectic programme with all sorts of exciting revelations! Thank you!

We didn't have time to include this in the programme, but Alireza in Iran asked: why are clocks divided in 12 sections and when was the clock invented? Tim Maynard of the London Science Museum answered. Clocks (678 K)

Another interview we hoped to include, but couldn't, was an interview with Cohay from Japan. He had a question about weddings. Cohay (1.9 MB)

And, as promised, here is the uncensored version of our chat to Lina Maria in Colombia! Lina Maria (1.2 MB)

An interview with the creator of
London science museum