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Radio Drama Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Your comments:
Have you ever listened to a play on the radio? What was it about? How did it make you feel? If you think it helped you to improve your English in any way, please tell us how.

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Jacky, Hong Kong
I often listen to English plays on the radio and I once listened to an English play named The Lighthouse. It was sort of a touchy-feely, gripping drama. I think it helped me improve my English speaking skills because I gained more exposure to everyday English.

Marianna, Slovakia
It is amazing it works! The advice given by Marc Beeby at the end of the programme about listening I mean. One wants to spare the time by listening and does for example a bit of physical exercise at the same time. But alas when we are learners only there is needed sitting and listening. Dear, I understood the whole programme for the first time! Thanks!

A listener, Japan
It is the first time for me to listen radio drama. I feel that I could understand English and that it can be helpful for me to improve my english, so, even it is the first time it would not be the last one.

A listener
Although Radio is one of my best friend when I was a boy, I've never ever listened to any play via it. I wish someday I have a chance to 'cause I am a fan of play and movie. Personally I think listening to an interested play bring a lot of benefit in term of improving your English skill, especially listening skill.

Kendra, China
Yeah, I like listening to radio plays, both in my mother tongue and English. I think there are a lot good radio plays in BBC Radio 4.

Susanna, Hong Kong
Is the pantomime of "Dick Wittington" called drama ? I enjoy the pantomime played by you all. It is a little diffcult for me to understand the whole program. But because there is the presence of script my difficulty is reduced. Thank you for you all. Regards, Susanna

Svetlana, Lithuania
I have never listened to any radio drama in English but I would like to. If it is one of the ways to improve English, I am going to start tomorrow

Marina, Holland
I never listen to a play on the radio. But I can imagine that it is a good way to improve your English.

Massa, Japan
hi william and amber, I enjoyed this week's programme very much. thanks! i got an impression that amber likes this topic because she sounded excited and talked faster than she does usually for other teaching programmes. :) i do hope you'll consider making and webcasting the part 2 of this topic. in it, i would like to be given tips or hints to identify each character without looking at their visual figures. i heard 'westway' had grown out of bbc learning english's teaching programme. do you plan to grow 'the flatmates' into a radio soap as well?

Adel, Algeria
i didn't listen to Radio Rrama before i become interested now especially if it contain a lot of drama, i believe it would help me in English language i'm sure be cause i used to enjoy listening to the radio in general and i like drama.

Yinan Wang, Japan
Like William, I grew up listened to the radio play too. listening radio dramas is one of my favorites. Because I listened in my mother tongue,so that I did not need to stop doing something then to be concentrated on listening. Since I have determined to improve English with Webcasts, you can not understand how upset I must have been feeling. And to describe my feeling exactly in one verb, just like Marc Beeby who has said,"Panic". I really appreciated and I am impressed Marc who gave us so powerful speech and some helpful ways to improve English. Next time, I will try to lose myself in English words and without an electric dictionary to see movies. By the way, I know this famous guy(is holding a skull) whose picture is appeared on the Webcast-Hamlet!!

Andy, China
Is The Flatmates a radio drama? I think I have heard a radio drama if it is. :)Radio drama could provide an environment for us to understand oral English but not written English. It is interesting and efficient.

Luis Steve, Mexico
No, i never listened a play in English on the radio because there are not here in my country, but when i was a child i used to hear a play or radio series called kaliman, and one of the things i remenber is that make me imagine a lot places, what was happening with the characters, anyway i think it will help a lot in improving my English. Finally one thing actually i want to do to keep in touch with the English language is listen BBC RADIO Wales is one of my favorites and the special programs in BBC, so now i will start to listen Plays in English from BBC site. It is a great idea the Radio Plays because we use our imagination thinking in English. Best Wishes

Nesrine, Tunisia
I like listening to plays on the radio but in my language. Tunisian radio plays are really very very funny. It helped me a lot to improve my Tunisian because they focus on speaking so it enriches my Tunisian idioms and especially the use of quotes, old quotes and proverbs. This helped me to be funnier and be seen as wiser as I learned to "play" with words and to quote a proverb for every situation.

Lila, Egypt
This is my first time to hear bbc radio drama. it is wounderful cause it let me imagine actors and location, besides i can understand english,thanks.

M., Japan
Once I've listened a radio drama BBC had produced. I thought it really helped me to know how British people talk in their daily life. And without the help of sight, but with the helps of curiosity and immagination toward what would be going on in the drama, I could well catch up with the story, though the people in the drama spoke very fast.

Ana Paula, Brazil
I listen to BBC Radio Drama and this is helping me a lot to improve my listening for the FCE exam. In the beginning it was hard to understand what people was saying but than you get used to it. Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Ismail, Turkey
Yes I usually listen radio dramas in my own language. Recently, I also have been trying to listen radio dramas in English because that provides me good vocabulary and good pronunciation. As there are no visual things, conversation in radio dramas is very clear. Thanks to such radio dramas, I can understand English easier and speak more fluently. To sum up, it is a very useful contribution for English learners like me.

Yousef, Iran
Listening to radio is a very helpful way to improve English language skills and much more efficient than TV, because on TV you can see the illustratinos and videos of an incident at the same time hearing but in radio you have to use your imagination power to build an image of that happening in your mind. Listening to a play if it is your favourite play can be useful since players usually speak fluently and sometimes emotional.