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Oxford Street Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Your comments:
Have you ever been to Oxford Street? Did you enjoy the experience? Where is your favourite shopping street or shopping centre in the world?

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Luca, Italy
I bought the shirt I'm wearing in this very moment in Oxford Street last summer ;)

Jorge Alor
I was living at London, so I bought many things in this incredible street. I love it. You can find whatever you want and at the same time you can enjoy your time!

Fanny, Hong Kong
Hello, I visited Oxford Street 10 years ago...and I think it seems to be Hong Kong - Mong Kok, many many people and shops around you.

Carlos, Mexico
i really liked the webcast, and even more the topic. Oxford street is with no doubt one of the most fashionable streets in the world. I actually day dream of being there, soon hope i'll go:)

Steve, Mexico
Its sounds great the Oxford Street, well now hearing and knowing about the Oxford Street now it's my favourite shopping street, and i hope when i go to london to study english i can work there.

Geninho, Brazil
I'll visit Oxford Street some day, it's look like great.

Özgür, Turkey
I've never been to this place. But, these comments attract me, I can. so please make comment about Oxford Street.

Abbas, K.S.A
Hello everybody .. wow .. that's huge visitors .. and you know .. I will visit Oxford Street at middle of this year .. so thanks for you guys

Antonio, Spain
Yes, I've been, I enjoyed a lot of with my family, I don't know I haven't particular preference for any shopping centre, I like more a shopping street than shopping centre.

Fazil, Afghanistan
Hi, first, I like BBC Learning English website very much because it helps us a lot to learn the language. I have seen few countries but not yet UK, hope can have the chance. Among the countries I have ever seen, I would go to India for shopping as we can find many things in reasonable price with good quality. We have some in Kabul but not that much good as you expect. The items are very much expensive as if you do shopping in USA or UK. Wish you good luck in studying.

Reza, Iran
Oxford street in one my favorite spots in Europe to do my shopping, it is just so live and you can find all kind of shops with reasonable price.

Zarifa Munchen
Hello, happy new year. I should like to be in Oxford Street. But I don"t know how to be there. I wish I were there.

Almat, Kazakhstan
I've been in Oxford street and this street made big impression on me. It's tremendous street I've never seen something alike, but unfortunately it's impossible walking as pedestrian cause thousand of thousands people walking with purpose of shopping. Oxford street it's that place when you can hear all the languages of the world.

Wiktoria, Poland
I've never been to Oxford Street...When I am listening this program I would like to go there:)

Gerlinde, Germany
Actually I must admit that I am not very consumer oriented. Therefore shopping streets don’t appeal that much to me. Naturally I also enjoy nice trimmed shop-windows. But I don’t like at all to go window-shopping in crowded or packed streets. If you decide to go window-shopping in big cities you have to accept the crowds wherever you are – be it London, Paris, New York a.s.o.

Lina, Colombia.
Hello everyone!!!...well, I haven't been in Oxford Street, but I would love to be there because as every woman in the world, I really like to go shopping. At this moment, my favourite shopping center in the world is Dolphin Mall, in Miami-Florida.

Kendra, China
Hello, I've been to Oxford Street once, it was about 7 years ago and at that time I was a junior student.

Abdisamad, Somalia
Hello everyone and "Happy New Year" to you all. I've never been to Oxford street, or to Europe in general, but currently i live in Cairo, so my favourite shopping center is called CITY STAR. It's really a huge mall, and really beautiful as well. When I want to do some shopping I always go there, anyway, i hope i'll visit Oxford Street one day. Thank you very much

Mohammad, Iran
Hello, happy new year. I am in Oxford Street now(in a English school)I love this street and I think this street is the best place for shopping and having fun,"not that time of year though"

Mayur, India
The webcast was really superb. There is a street called"koti" in hyderabad which is also jam-packed. At koti you get everything and this area is especially famous for book shops. You can get any book here at a reduced cost.

Hatice, Turkey
Hi,I've never been to Oxford Street but would like to be there in the future. In Turkey,there are really wonderful places. First,I should see all of the touristic places of Turkey,like Uzungöl in Trabzon and then I can travel to several countries which include U.S.A.,U.K. and Italy. My favorite shopping centre is YKM shopping centre next to Güvenpark in Ankara. Shopping centre employees are deeply concerned with the customers' questions, offers and problems. They sell high quality products, until now, I've had no problems. If customers have any problems,they deal with the problem with the counsciousness of "Customer is always right".T hanks for cheerful and pleasant employees. They engrave THE BEST.

Yinan Wang, Japan
I have never been to Europe. Hence, I have not heard about Oxford Street before I listened this topic. It seems Oxford Street is as popular as Shakespeare who is timeless. I really want to know what kind of goods do shoppers always buy in there? Do salaried workers can buy anythings reasonably? I would like shopping too. If the price is reasonable for me, I will go despite it is a shopping street or centre.

Mervinpriyantha, Sri Lanka
First of all I wish you a happy new year. I have never been to Oxford Street, but if i would be able pop into Oxford shopping street it'll be a great chance to me. I have dropped into many shopping arcades in japan,Korea and India,they are marvellous places. I have a dream to take off to Dubai for shopping.I have heard that there are lot of brand items at cheap rates in Dubai. Good luck you all.

Alexey, Russia
Happy new year team! Great thanx for such useful podcast. I keep trying to improve my poor english, but still fails. I was shocked by fact that it is really possible to work in Oxford street and keep learninig english. Guys let me in, it's my dream to visit UK !

Huong, Vietnam
nice day, it's the first time I've heard of Oxford street as a haven place for shopping. I used to think of Paris, NY or Milan before. Hence, it's great to listen to this topic

Radka, Czech Republic
Hello there and happy new year to everyone! I´ve been to London last year at Christmas time and I visited Oxford Street too. I didn´t buy anything, though. I just enjoyed the atmosphere, glitters, thousands of people...I´m going to London this March again, so I´m looking forward walking through Oxford Street and hope that this time I´ll do some bargain shopping.

Noura, Syria
Good day webcast team and happy new year, actually i have never been in the uk to visit Oxford Street but maybe in the future who knows. on the other hand if i have the luck to make shopping in any street aroud the world i really will pick Dubai in the UAE i think it is a fascination, multi choices shopping center,I mean every famous brands have their branches in dubai so why i should go far, the only problem is the accommodation is so pricey there it maybe costs someone a fortune being there.