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Family History Thursday, November 8, 2007

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Interview with Dr Nick Barratt
Nick said that people are interested in their family history because of a yearning for our roots. He means people have a strong desire to know where they and their families come from.

He said in Britain there a big debate about nature versus nurture. It means people want to know if their personality is affected by their upbringing and surroundings (nurture) or whether there's something in their genes or family history which can explain a certain characteristic (nature). For example, you may be a very good musician and discover that in your family there are lots of great musicians.

Nick used the expression to put flesh on the bones. It means to add more details to a plan or argument to make it stronger and more complete.

Nick said if you're researching your family history you need to look at the minutiae. This means you need to examine the small details.

Nick said that the story-telling tradition in Somalia was being threatened because of the diaspora, which means the movement of people from one country to another.