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Dreams Thursday, September 27, 2007

Your comments:
Do you have a recurring dream (the same dream that you have again and again)? What's the strangest dream you've ever had? Do you often have nightmares? Have you ever had a dream that changed your life?

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Angel, Hong Kong
Around third a year, I had a recurring dream for I'M enjoy to flying on the sky. The dream is keeps over 5 years in my life. Sometimes, I hard feeling for somewhere in action, people and the enviorment as similar as my dream had happened in a few years ago.

Arunas, Lithuania
I read that all persons (also even things) of our dreams are just different parts of ourselves. For example, if I dream a train what is running on me in my nightmare, I can understand that the train is some (objectionable) part of me what I want to negative in myself...

Mika, India
People often dreams related to studies. Well, I also had recurring dreams of exams r going. n some times falling from heights. Are these bad signs, bcoz , after I wake up it can remember it for hours.

Alexandre, Brazil
I see that some dreams from our colleges are relly a warning to them or even something from the spiritual side to show what may happen if they do not take any action, but let me tell you all a dream I had when I was around twelve. That is impossible to forget.I dreamed that a big spider was attacking me and it was a terrible nightmare. After struggling on my bed as if that dream was a reality, I woke up and my body was a bit sweat. I felt a strange thing among my footfingers. For my surprise I had just crushed a little spider with my fingers. How gross!

Dusan, Slovakia
I am taking back now and I remember crazy dreams I had during my study at the University. I was preparing for difficult maths exam. I was only a mathematical object and there was calculated the derivate of me. Happily, I passed the exam.I wish you had only sweet dreams and you could enjoy yours dreams!

Min, South Korea
Sometimes I have recurring dreams about mobile phone. I tried to reach my husband or other family members, but my mobile wouldn't work well or I couldn't remember the phone numbers of them. When I felt difficult to communite with someone, I dreamt like this.

Ashwag, Ksa
It's really gr8 to hear Jackie again.. I'd like 2 thank u 4 such amazing topic I really admired it.. I've sometimes a recurring dreams espicially regarding my study in particular when the exams r goin' over but what annoyed me most is such these disturbing dreams coz i used 2 c incubuses & i've heard a lot that these kinds of dreams r vivd dreams or an image of reality.I hope that I never have such dreams again.

Eleanor, England
In my dream I was at a party and quite suddenly realised I was dreaming. So I said to all of the people in my dream "None of you are real, I am making all of this up in my head". They were all angry and said that I was mistaken. So I asked them a question that I didn't know the answer to. There was a TV screnn showing some people rafting down a river rapid and so i asked "What is that activity called?" They replied "Raft engineering". I was happy with the answer and then awoke only to think "It's called Kayaking!". So much for that!

Wonkyu, Korea
When I sometimes take a nap in the middle of ordinary day, usually just after lunch, I hear a recurring dream with same music. In my dream, I am a kind of soldier in battle field, the music always sounds very heroic to me. You know it like sounding march and advance.

Hiranya, Sri lanka
The most strangest dream I have ever seen that I have passed my A/L exam and got three 'A' passes.

Adriana, Brazil
I had a dream when I was giving birth to my son and there was a problem because I have low blood pression and I was dreaming that I was climbing a high mountain very difficult to climb but I kept on climbing and climbing and it seemed endless and I was curious to see what was on the other side and when I was almost there I woke up with the doctors resuscitating me. Oh! :-O

Lark, Iran
When I was a teenager I had a series of dreams for three subsequent nights. The first night, I saw a a lion attacking me outside our house, but I was lucky enough to dash into the house and shut the door. The following night the same lion was walking around the car in which I was sitting quietly. Suddenly the lion attacked a man and I could hear his bone crushing (really frightening). The third time, I saw the same lion sitting next to me silently and wagging its tail.

Noura, Syria
hi, actually i have a nightmare, which always i have dream about it, uselly i see my self lonely i a room and always there is a black cat hiding and looking at me , some times i dream about it hiding in my closet , or under the window or bed or the door, and i just feel about it but the dream goes on and i can't do anything about the cat, i don't know i've read sometimes that seeing a cat in the dream may means that you have alot of enemy or people hate you and never wish good for you ,

Kamil, Turkey
I'm afraid of my own dreams especially the nightmares that recurring several times in a nightwhen I'm sick, get fever I dream always the same nightmare that I lose myself in a strange country which I've never gone before 4or 5 times in a I take a pill(anti pyretic) and I relax.

Mauricio, Brazil
Hello there,it's nice to see Jackie is back to presenting the webcast. We missed her very much.The strangest dream I've ever had was one in which I felt as if I were awake but I knew I was sleeping and yet I wanted to wake up but I couldn't. It was a very strange sensation. It happened during a bus trip and I hope I never have that kind of dream again.

Alison (English teacher), Germany
I often dream in foreign languages!! I'm British but live in Germany, so I can understand how i might dream in German. But I sometimes dream in a completely new language. I'm convinced i speak it fluently in the dream! I don't know what the language is - but how is this possible? Does anyone else have that?

Alison (English teacher),Germany
When I was 14 I dreamed of a bus ride through the countryside - the landscape and villages were unknown to me but they seemed familiar. A short time later i made a journey by bus with my family and we drove through the exact place i had dreamed of. That was very strange. My mother insisted i had never been to the place before.

Ehsernta, Hong Kong, China
I don't have a recurring dream but I do have a very strange dream when I was very very young and I dreamt that A murderer holding a knife was behind me and he wanna kill me but in the end he ran away. That was pretty strange and I never figure out why I had that dream, my childhood was supposed to be happy and I never worried about anything at that time. So strange, indeed.

Mardan qull, Afghanistan
Dear Sir/mademSometimes it hard to belive about dream but sometimes it changes humanbeing's life. the most dream I like is flying in the sky and arriveing every where I want. Most of the time when I sleep I see a dream and fly in the sky but it has not changed my life. thanks Mardan from Kabul Afghanistan

Ana Paula, Brazil
Well I do have a recurring dream. I dream of I´m falling on the sky for hours and hours, and when I´m almost hitting the floor I wake up. It´s very strange indeed, but it´s not frightened.

Miguel Andrés, Perú.
Hi Jackie, is great to hear you again...Look at the most strangest and real dream at the same time that I-ve ever had was a few years ago. I dreamed that I was flying with god and their angels in the sky. At the final of my dream I knew that I was geting up and I didnt do that because I was feeling like I didnt feel in my life before, the light was all around me. Is so easy to describe what I really felt. In one word Happiness.

jang hwan, Korea
I've had really the stragest dream. there are two man who i wasn't able to see he's face and very tall in the dream. one of them had been eating too much some meal stand up instead of sitting. and another one was bomitting during the time. suddenly I realised's me. oh ... my ... god..

Kirsti, France
Before I got my driver's licence I often was driving in my dreams and everything went fine, until I realised that I didn't know how to stop. - Another recurrent dream was that whenever I was in a difficult situation I remembered that unlike the other people in the dream I knew how to fly and then simply flew away.

Dai, Japan
The most impressive dream I have ever had is reasonable one.One day,I talked with my friends about a ghost photography in magazine.It was taken in front of outdated little store at the moutain road and the ghost shape was bold outline against the sky.At that time,the picture excited us,but that's just about it.After that,I went out for a trip with my friends by car.When the car was on the road in the middle of moutain,I got the chills,and that moments the road reminded me of the photography.Looking at side of the road,there was the same outdated little store!!!I shouted "it's danger!!"But,too late,the ghost appeared and the driver,a friend of mine,was so surprised that he missed driving the car.when I came to myself again,we were injured and covered in a pool of blood on the road.It's really scary dream indeed.

Ana, Spain
I often have the same nightmare, there are people tryingn to catch me, sometimes there are thieves or murderers, I have to run and run and hide in different places, I always wake before they catch me but it is very frightening. I have thought that it may mean I am afraid of something in my live. I do not know.